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50 really random things 'bout me

23. září 2010 v 18:37 | Ange |  Iné / Nehodí sa nikam
Keď som sa v škole nudila, som si povedala že skúsim napísať čosi ako '10 vecí o mne'. Samozrejme, vyliezlo to zo mňa v angličtine :D Poslala som to niekomu, na kom mi veľmi záleží, a on vyžiadal viac. A tak nejak som skončila pri 50ke xDDD....
Sorry, guys, just in english.

50 random things about me you may not know

1.   I hate the sound of pencil when hits something. Like when it falls and hits a desk.
I think the sky looks more awesome in winter.
3.   I hate Yorkshires (the dogs).
4.   I mix 4 languages - slovak & english and basics of japanese and russian.
5.   I talk to myself a lot. Mostly in English. And just to let you know, I'm not from English-speaking state.
6.   I sleep with a big plushie-dog AND my real dog Charlie.
Sometimes my head gets strange ideas out of nowhere. Like 'Trying to become a better person by wrong way is wrong or good, or wrong at first but good in the end?' (this works in Slovak and English only xDD)
Laughing a lot with no reason
I like provoking people.
10.I also like hugging people :D
11. I was learning French for about a half of a year, and only things I remember are the song and how to say 'a car'.
12. My actual favorite song is Fireflies (Owl City)
13.I don't know what color have my eyes. It's something in between blue, gray and green.
14.I like taking photos with super-macro mode on.
15.I always later regret my stupidity… when "abandoning" a person… (twice in my life. Never want to do it again)
16.I love the words in story of my friend: 'Skôr, než zachránia svet, musia zachránit tých, ktorí pre nich znamenajú celý svet.' So… it's like…
'Sooner than saving the world, they have to save those which means for them the whole world' <-- actually, I don't like it that much in translation xD but anyway.
I'm getting used to word 'lol' as an answer more and more.
18. I like all genres of movies & stories except criminal/detective ones.
19. I drink fruit tea with one sugar.
20.Most of horror movies are boring me.
21.I don't like too famous things much. Like Twilight or Naruto.
I can better imagine vampire male than vampire female.
23.I like drawing at night hours - 'bout midnight or so. But my eyes are too sleepy, they can't keep up with it.
24.I should wear glasses.
25.I can't fall asleep if it's still light outside.
26.Few years ago I was into Harry Potter fan fiction and werewolves. Now I don't care about either one.
My favorite ice cream flavor is hazelnut.
I believe things do not need a reason for happening.
Always persuading myself to learn so I can go to sleep.
30.Have a bad memory.
31.I made a skype account because of one person. Now I don't ever turn on ICQ, just skype.
32.I think I suck at drawing, even if there's no one I know in real life who can draw like that. I don't have a time for drawing daily and it feels like I'm not improving at all.
33.I hate when I can't write because of some shitty block in my head.(well, maybe it's just a suggestion by my laziness, it doesn't matter)
34.I like lame and perverted jokes.
35.My left knee sometimes fucking hurts.
36.I have the need to sing 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' in summer days.
I like weird names of anime, eg. Tekkonkinkreet (I like that one. Not just name but whole anime-movie)
I wanted to do soooo many things. I thought writing a book will be easy. I thought it would be nice to be a vet. I thought I could learn how to draw realistic portraits.
I wanted to learn break-dance. I thought I'll learn to play on a piano/keyboard. I wished I could sing so clearly as Japanese singers I like and admire so much. There were already so many things that vanished because it was just thoughts and wishes…
I don't like nice and sweet characters. Or too cute uke, if we're talking about yaoi..
Once I brought a puppy (I got it from my classmate, 'coz her dog had puppies and I told her I want to have a dog. We had one before, but it wasn't for too long. He was just too big for us - and by that I mean me and my brother. We were still kids, ya know…) home in my school bag without telling my parents.
41.I believe in the power of numbers. If I see some time on clocks, like 12:21, or 9:09 or so, and I have some wish (which isn't supposed to happen right after, it's like a long-time wish) then I repeat it in my head. It's somehow automaticall. And stupid, I know.
42.I like heights. I would stand at the border-line on the rooftop of skyscraper if I could. Or jump off from an airplane (with a jump-sack, of course)
43.I came to shounen-ai by mistake.
When I was little and I travelled by a train, to not be so bored I imagined I'm on a horse or dragon, while looking out of a window.
I can't color my pictures. I don't know how to color or shade properly in traditional art and when I'm on notebook I usually don't have a time for trying with tablet.
46.I mostly prefer bad-endings than happy-endings.
I hate when I'm so close to a person I wanna touch, that I could touch that person, but I can't.
48.   When I'm alone I like to sing songs (along with singer), if I know lyrics. I suck at singing.
49.   About injuries… never anything serious. No broken bones or such. But I have four scars. One on the back and one under left breast - those are from doctor when he removed my birthmarks. Then I have one on my right eyebrow, that's from a plate -my brother was carrying a plate and I run into him. It was when we were still kids. And fourth is on my cheek, even if it almost disappeared by now. It's from a dog's bite.
I prefer no dabbing (movies, anime etc), but subtitles and original.

Would be happy for any comments ^^
Lol, tottaly random, right? :D

P.S.: for he-knows-who: Wanna be with you....

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


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Happy-end 61.1% (11)
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1 Trazzy | 23. září 2010 v 18:54 | Reagovat

veľa som sa toho dozvedel xD  :D:D inak like it aby som nezabudol xD dobré to je mno... ^^
Ps: ak nie je 47-mička myslená všeobecne tak neviem čo ti v tom bráni :D  
a ešte niečo.. :D
for i-think-she-knows-who: xD tiež chcem byť s tebou , tak ako napr. minulý Pondelok :)

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