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It wasn't a war

12. října 2011 v 3:54 | Ange |  Iné / Nehodí sa nikam

Really. I wish we'd had history classes like this one in Slovakia. I thought history is boring. Hard to remember. Apparently it doesn't have to be. It's just that our teachers are doing something wrong.

So, we're learning about American history of 1900s, which has something to do with Europe due to World War I. America joined war because Germans were attacking their ships... and also because current president was utopist, and, err, something like pacifist. I mean, he was all the way for peace. That's why he declared war.

Lol. Seriously.

Wilson thought that if he'll be able to attend peace conference after war, he'll be able to create big democratic peace over the worlld. But to get his place on peace conference, he had to be a part of war. Of course. And yes, his vision didn't turn into reality. He wanted utopy. His wish wasn't granted. I know that much even though we didn't get so far with lessons yet.

But, to the title. I don't want to say it was Way of Piece instead of the Great War, lol. Hope you didn't start to think that.

People that left to war thought it's gonna be adventure. Like horse-riding or hiking. They were totally unprepared. And looking at the video of front, where both sides had dug trenches, it was riddiculously stupid.

On the video, it was pretty much about one side getting out of trenches, trying to run as close to the other side as possible, while being fired at and blown up... and they couldn't cross the last few meters so they ran all the way back to safety - the fraction of them, those able to run. Most of them died, and when the rest reached their trenches, the other side ran out of theirs, trying to do exactly the same thing.

So, i don't know if you understand my explanation. Someone said, it's like they're taking turns. "OK, our turn is over, now it's your turn to kill us," and run into enemy. I think they weren't too smart. I mean, what's the point of that? It was more of a suicide than fight.

Yeah. And they had rats size of a dog which ate wounded and weak people alive, and due to rain they had all kinds of illness and often had to have amputated leg or something without enemy doing anything to them.

Now anyone still thinks it was war instead of calling it a suicide ?

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